Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) launches new office in Mombasa to promote data privacy and awareness


In a significant move to bolster data protection efforts across Kenya, the Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has announced the opening of its new regional office in the vibrant coastal city of Mombasa.

To reinforce data privacy and safeguard citizens’ information, the ODPC’s expansion aims to reach more communities and foster a culture of data responsibility.

The inauguration of the Mombasa office was marked by a roadshow organized by the ODPC team, which traversed various parts of the county.

The primary objective of the roadshow was to raise awareness about data protection and engage with locals, including businesses, institutions, and individuals, to highlight the importance of securing personal and sensitive information.

“As we establish our presence in Mombasa, our team embarked on a roadshow in various parts of the county to raise awareness about data protection and engage with locals,” ODPC stated.

The new regional office in Mombasa is seen as a strategic move by the ODPC to extend its reach beyond the capital city, Nairobi and cater to the specific data protection needs of different regions across the country.

It aims to provide accessible support and resources to local organizations, businesses, and individuals regarding data protection measures, ensuring they align with the Data Protection Act.

By enhancing awareness and knowledge about data protection practices, the ODPC aims to empower individuals to protect their personal information and build trust in the data-driven economy.