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Ajira Digital Portal Login, Training Application, and Program Registration for 2023.

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The Ministry of ICT, Innovations, and Youth Affairs is in charge of the government initiative known as the Ajira Digital Program. Its objective is to assist over a million young people in finding digital employment opportunities. 

With a new techno city built in Kenya, the program aims to encourage multinational and local companies to create digital work and employ youth to chip in their skills.

The Ajira digital initiative includes several goals, including:

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  • Promote Kenya as a choice destination for digital work
  • Give Kenyan youths access to online employment.
  • Provide learning and mentorship to the youth on digital work.
  • To raise awareness about digital work among the larger population, which is the youth.

In a one-week course, Ajira Digital aims to educate young people about freelancing online. The program gives the participants knowledge of financial management, digital marketing, and soft skills. Five counties are covered by the program: Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, and Kisumu.

Furthermore, Ajira Digital trains experienced freelancers through a 2-day workshop. The training aims at scaling up their skills and developing their e-commerce businesses which will source for more online jobs.

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During training, a number of occupations are available. They comprise

  • Content writing (writing articles and general content for websites)
  • Transcription (listening to audio and typing the exact said words)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Software development and programming
  • Data science and analytics
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Customer service and support
  • Creative design, web design, and graphics design

Digital Ajira training takes two to seven days to complete. After training, you will receive a certificate. You’ll need a computer and some basic computer skills because you’ll be working from home, so you’ll need to be able to use a computer.

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To sign up for the program, complete these steps.

  • Activate your browser.
  • Visit the official website now.
  • Select “Register”
  • your first and last name as they appear on your ID card.
  • your National ID number into the box
  • your email address and mobile number
  • Enter and then reenter your password
  • Select “register”
  • Use your ID number to log in.
  • Proceed to book your training
  • Choose the local training facility that is most convenient for you.
  • select your selected class after that.
  • Book your class session
  • Ajira will contact you regarding your reservation via the provided email address.
  • Print the detail and wait for your session to commence.

You can apply for the most recent training opportunities on the Ajira Digital portal after logging in.

How to Register for Ajira Digital Classes & Training

  • Once you’ve enrolled on the Ajira Platform, it’s simple to browse the newest training options and submit an online application.
  • All the training opportunities are listed as “Upcoming Training” & “Online Training”. Corresponding to all training options, you will find Available Slots, Total Enrolments and an Action column to check details and apply.
  • Click “Details” corresponding to the one with open slots.
  • You will see the class name, start and end dates, class description, available slots, and a booking option on the following page.
  • Once more, choose “Details” to learn more about the training session.
  • Return to the original page and click after that. “Book Now”
  • Now, the system asks if you have Ajira Account or not
  • If you have already registered, select Yes to sign in to your account and complete your reservation.
  • Unless you are registered, Choose “No” and register an account.
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