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Worldcoin Commits to Data Privacy, Safety, Security, and Collaboration in Kenya

Days after the government raised concerns about Worldcoin’ s operations in Kenya, the company in its defense is emphasizing that security is its topmost priority and we understand that the huge crowds over three days at KICC presented a major issue.

The demand for Worldcoin’s proof of personhood verification services in Kenya has been overwhelming and inspiring, resulting in tens of thousands of individuals waiting in lines over a three-day period to secure a World ID. Out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to mitigate crowd volume, verification services have been temporarily paused. During the pause, the team will develop an onboarding program that encompasses more robust crowd control measures and work with local authorities to increase understanding of the privacy measures and commitments Worldcoin implements not only in Kenya but everywhere.

Worldcoin remains committed to providing an inclusive, privacy-preserving, decentralized on-ramp to the global digital economy and looks forward to resuming its services in Kenya while working closely with local regulators and other stakeholders.

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The Worldcoin Foundation firmly believes in the power of decentralization to drive economic growth and financial inclusion. As part of our efforts to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, Kenyans can now reserve their Genesis tokens on the Worldcoin App to be claimed at a future point in time when verifications have resumed. This opportunity allows individuals to participate in the digital economy and be part of a global community of users who embrace the future of finance.

Worldcoin holds that security is the cornerstone of their operations . The company notes that it employs state-of-the-art technology and stringent security measures to safeguard users’ personal information. Additionally, the project is committed to adhering to all relevant regulations set forth by Kenyan authorities, ensuring a safe and compliant ecosystem. In line with Kenyan laws and regulations to provide a safe, secure and transparent service for verified humans.

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Worldcoin ensures full compliance and transparency in all its activities within the country. The project is committed to fostering a constructive dialogue with local stakeholders, including the government and relevant authorities, to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership.

Val Lukhanyu
Val Lukhanyu
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