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Kenyan Citizens Initiative – How to Sign on Raila’s Tumechoka Portal

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President Ruto’s removal campaigners can register on a website, according to opposition leader Raila Odinga. The Tumechoka portal makes it simple for interested citizens to sign documents. Raila wants to collect 10 million signatures with this campaign.

Raila Odinga is making an effort to demonstrate to the ruling party just how many people are against them. Without a doubt, a lot of individuals oppose Ruto’s policies. The most recent Finance bill debate dealt the Ruto administration a setback. By giving people a platform to express their mistrust of the government, Raila is attempting to make the most of the current circumstance.

The “Citizens Initiative” or “Tumechoka Initiative” is the name of this campaign. The platform will accept signatures from people who want President Ruto to step down.

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The citizens’ Initiative can be virtually supported and signed by interested citizens using the Tumechoka portal.

Anyone who wants to sign the initiative virtually has to submit the following information:

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  1. ID Number
  2. Name
  3. ID Image
  4. Phone Number
  5. County Name
  6. Constituency Name
  7. Ward

Citizens’ Initiative by Raila: Online Signature Submission Guidelines

The procedure is easy:

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  • Browse the Tume Choka Portal.
  • The moment the page loads, an online form is visible.
  • Enter your ID number, last and first names, upload a photo of your ID, enter your phone number, and select your county and constituency. then type the name of your Ward.
  • The touchscreen, mouse, or keypad are used to virtually sign.
  • Select “By Submitting My Details, I Support This Initiative & Give Express Consent to Receive Communication” and then check the box.
  • Finally, click the Submit button.

Voters who wish to express their opposition to the Ruto government and desire a change can do so by backing Raila’s campaign.

Please be aware, though, that the Constitution forbids impeaching the president by a petition with enough signatures. The right way to accomplish this is by parliamentary impeachment.

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