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Smart farming project, E-Shamba, emerge Winners of Innovate Nairobi Tech Week

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The Inaugural Innovate Nairobi Tech Week concluded last week at the prestigious Edge Convention Centre in Nairobi, showcasing groundbreaking technological innovations. 

Amidst an array of impressive projects, E-Shamba emerged as the star, clinching the top spot with their innovative solution to transform modern agriculture.

The E-Shamba team, comprising Lewis Kori (24) with expertise in Hardware, Elvis Munene (24) specializing in Cloud technology, Keith Brian (22) handling Mobile app development, and George Wambugu (23) specializing in Communication protocols, presented their cutting-edge project that addresses critical challenges faced by the agricultural industry in Kenya.

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Modern agriculture grapples with unpredictable weather patterns, resource scarcity, and labour-intensive processes, which can lead to reduced crop yields, increased costs, and environmental impacts. 

E-Shamba’s ingenious solution aims to revolutionize these challenges through the integration of advanced technology.

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“Our solution, E-Shamba, addresses these challenges by incorporating advanced technology to monitor and control key environmental factors that impact plant growth,” explained the team during the presentation. 

E-Shamba isn’t just a farm; it’s a smart farm that leverages real-time data and automation to enhance agricultural practices. The project aims to empower farmers to make informed decisions and increase productivity by managing factors such as temperature, soil moisture, humidity, motion, and light intensity.

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According to the team, the project’s benefits are far-reaching, promising to increase efficiency, optimize resource usage, and enhance crop yield and quality, while also contributing to sustainability and conservation efforts.

Key components of the E-Shamba app which is still at the prototype stage include monitoring tools for light intensity and soil humidity, which are crucial for maintaining optimal growth conditions. 

Additionally, a water pump solution has been developed to precisely measure and control moisture levels for plant growth, ensuring water efficiency and plant health.

Lewis Kori expressed his hopes for the project’s impact, stating, “We hope that our project can be used to automate farming in Kenya. We aim to collect data that can be used with machine learning to perform several functions on the farm, such as plant watering, light controls, and pesticide spraying.”

The team leader further outlined the project’s roadmap, stating, “For the pilot stage, we need several kits and sensors to collect data, as well as irrigation pipelines and a controlled environment like a greenhouse. As for pricing, we are currently surveying a physical farm to determine costs and validate the proof of concept.”

The recognition garnered at Innovate Nairobi Tech Week has propelled E-Shamba into the spotlight, demonstrating the power of innovation in transforming age-old industries.

 As the project gains momentum, it has the potential to reshape agricultural practices, enhance food security, and contribute to Kenya’s technological advancement.

During the closing ceremony, Nairobi’s County Chief Officer, Digital Economy and Startups, Victor Agolla congratulated the winning team and pledged support for ongoing projects showcased at the recent tech week alias #InnovateNBO2023, hinting at imminent partnership announcements. 

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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