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Sega Successfully Concludes $776 Million Acquisition of Rovio, the Creator of Angry Birds

After months of negotiations and navigating regulatory processes, Sega has finalized its acquisition of Rovio, the renowned developer behind Angry Birds.

The agreement, initially proposed in April, has culminated in Sega’s investment of a substantial $776 million to secure the company.

Despite the waning popularity of Angry Birds, which reached its peak nearly 15 years ago, Sega is optimistic about leveraging this acquisition to bolster its position within the mobile gaming sector.

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“The purchase provides Sega with a strategic advantage, granting them access to a well-established mobile gaming infrastructure. This encompassing framework encompasses game development, publication, and advertising.”

While Rovio’s portfolio expands beyond the iconic Angry Birds franchise, encompassing titles like Sugar Blast, a match-three puzzle game, and Small Town Murders, a narrative-driven mystery game, Sega’s gains extend beyond recognizable intellectual properties.

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This acquisition equips Sega with a readily available framework for creating, launching, and promoting mobile games.

This positions the company to swiftly embark on mobile game projects featuring their proprietary franchises, including Sonic, Samba de Amigo, Persona, and Football Manager.

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Furthermore, the deal opens doors to adapting numerous legacy games for mobile platforms.

chief Executive Officer (CEO), Haruki Satomi expressed his enthusiasm about the venture back in April, noting that Sega’s long-term ambition has been to accelerate its presence in the promising mobile gaming market.

In addition to the integration of Sega’s existing franchises, the collaboration is expected to yield more mobile games centered around the Angry Birds universe.

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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