Africa’s Tech Landscape to Transform as ‘Made in Kenya Raspberry Pi Pico’ Boards Hit the Market


In a groundbreaking achievement for African electronics manufacturing, Raspberry Pi‘s ‘Made in Kenya Raspberry Pi Pico’ boards have officially made their debut on the shelves of Raspberry Pi-approved resellers in Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya. 

“This momentous occasion not only signifies a remarkable milestone for Africa’s electronics industry but also holds the promise of empowering local innovation and technological advancement across the continent,” GearBox noted via LinkedIn.

The availability of Raspberry Pi Pico boards in these key African markets represents a pivotal moment in Africa’s journey towards self-sufficiency in electronics manufacturing. 

With Nairobi, Kenya, serving as the hub of production, this development is poised to catalyze the growth of the electronic hardware sector within the region, making cutting-edge technology more accessible and affordable for individuals and communities.

“By manufacturing the Raspberry Pi Pico boards locally, Africa is positioning itself on the global map of hardware innovation. This move is not just about assembling products within the continent’s borders; it’s about creating a vibrant ecosystem of tech innovation that rivals the accomplishments of more established markets,” the firm noted. 

The company further noted that the decision to produce these boards within Africa is expected to mitigate the costs associated with imports and leverage government incentives, thereby enabling rapid responses to the escalating demand for these products in East Africa and beyond.

Experts anticipate that this achievement will set a precedent for a wave of hardware innovation that will ripple across Africa.”

The ‘Made in Kenya Raspberry Pi Pico’ boards are poised to transcend geographical boundaries, laying the foundation for a future where technology knows no limits. 

As these boards become increasingly accessible to local communities and innovators, the stage is set for a transformative shift in the technological landscape of Africa.