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How to turn a private number on or off on the Safaricom network

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Have you ever considered hiding up your caller ID so that the person receiving your call wouldn’t know who it was? On the Safaricom network, there is actually a very straightforward USSD-based method to accomplish this. The USSD option provides a sufficient approach for individuals who would rather not tinker with their device’s settings because the capability is virtually always present on all handsets but occasionally concealed within the phone’s settings.

How to turn off caller ID for a particular contact

Follow the procedures below to hide your identify from particular contacts;

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  • On your Safaricom phone’s dial pad, dial #31# followed by the phone number you intent to call without revealing your identity
  • An example to hide you caller ID from 0722000000 would be #31#0722000000
  • Then initiate the call

How to turn off caller identification on all incoming calls

As opposed to the aforementioned example, you’ll be concealing your caller ID on all incoming calls.

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On your phone’s dial pad, just key in *31# You should receive a subsequent notification that caller ID option has been enabled on your phone

How to deactivate private number on your phone

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The procedure is a little bit more complex and calls for users to visit their caller settings if they had activated the “hide caller ID” function but no longer wanted to utilize it. Using an Android phone, take the actions listed below:

  • Open the dialer app on your phone, then tap the three dots to access settings.
  • Then select “GSM Call Settings” from the “Calls” menu.
  • Select “Additional settings” from the GSM settings menu.
  • “Caller ID” should appear at that point.
  • Network Default, hide number, or show number are the options available.
  • Depending on the Android version of your phone, the settings may change.
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