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X (Twitter) Unveils “Community Notes” Feature to Enhance Media Context

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Elon Musk-owned X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a groundbreaking feature called “Community Notes” to enhance the context of media shared on its platform. 

This feature is set to empower contributors and users by providing valuable insights and context not just for individual posts but across multiple ones containing the same media.

Notes on Images

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The Community Notes feature, initially designed for images, allows contributors with a Writing Impact score of 10 or above to add notes about the media within posts. 

“These notes are not limited to a single post but are visible on all posts containing the same image. This feature is particularly useful for addressing AI-generated images, edited photos, and more,” X noted.

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Additionally, contributors can mark their notes as “About the image” when they believe that the media itself is potentially misleading, regardless of the specific Tweet in which it is featured. 

This distinction ensures that raters and readers understand that these notes pertain to the media itself, not just the Tweet they are attached to.

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The system will display how many posts a specific image note matches, providing transparency about the reach and impact of the added context.

Notes on Videos

Expanding its capabilities, X is now introducing notes on videos as well. Notes written on videos will automatically display on other posts containing matching videos, offering an efficient way to add context to edited clips, AI-generated videos, and more. 

This feature is currently available to all Top Writers on the platform.

Upcoming Expansions

While this feature currently supports single images and videos, X is actively working to expand its functionality to include posts with multiple images and videos, as well as GIFs. 

The aim is to strike a balance between precision in matching images and avoiding erroneous matches.

User Feedback and Monitoring

X is committed to monitoring how Community Notes on media are utilized and is eager to receive feedback from users. 

This launch is expected to magnify the impact of contributors in providing context and enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech. Write to me @[email protected]

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