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How to request an endorsement on a passport that is not Kenyan

A dual citizen is obliged by law to apply for an endorsement declaring their Kenyan citizenship on their passport from any other nation they have citizenship in.

Apply online

  • By clicking on the following link, eFNS Online Platform, you can register with the Kenya electronic Foreign Nationals Services (eFNS) site.
  • To register, select Create an Account, then Create an Account.
  • To create an eFNS account, you must fill out your personal information. You’ll need your national ID number if you’re a Kenyan citizen, and your foreigner certificate if you’re a foreigner living in Kenya. Select other and register using the information from your passport if you don’t have a national ID or a foreigner certificate.
  • After registering, you must log in to your eFNS account and select Submit new applications from the Submit application option.
  • You should then choose your next option on the following page, which will be shown by this. Select the Endorsement Tab and select the Apply Now link under the Citizenship Service Section.
  • This will take you to the next page, where you should carefully read the instructions, confirm that you meet all of the prerequisites to apply, and then click the Apply Now button to access the online application form.
  • Complete the online application form with the necessary information, and upload any supporting files.

These details include:-

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  • Upload your passport photo
  •  Full names
  • Foreign Address (For those currently not living in Kenya)
  •  Postal and Physical Address in Kenya
  •  Place and date of birth
  •  Upload birth certificate
  •  Nature of citizenship (birth, registration, naturalisation)
  • Other citizenship
  • . Nature of other citizenship (birth, registration, naturalisation)
  •  Passport ( number, place of issue , date of issue ,
  • A police clearance certificate should be uploaded before selecting Save Application Details.

If you have any other passports, you can add them for endorsement; otherwise, click “Continue” to proceed.

You will be taken to the following page, where you can print your application and deliver it for processing to the Immigration Headquarters Offices in Nairobi’s Nyayo House or their regional offices.

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Your passport will be endorsed by the immigration officer after you have submitted the application and paid the Ksh 500 application cost.

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Yvone Kendi
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