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Bolt elevates driver involvement by introducing a Reward Scheme program alongside enhancing safety measures

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Bolt has introduced an innovative Driver Reward Scheme aimed at enhancing driver engagement and empowering the driver community. 

This new initiative underscores Bolt’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional efforts of its committed drivers. 

Additionally, the company is taking significant measures to ensure driver safety by introducing driver alerts for potentially unsafe areas within its app.

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As part of the Driver Reward Scheme, Bolt has launched a campaign called ‘Drive for a Prize,’ which commenced in early August. 

“The campaign involves Bolt drivers and boda boda riders accumulating points based on factors such as completed trips, online hours, accepted and completed trips, and high driver ratings. Over the next few months, approximately 400 drivers and riders are expected to receive rewards through this campaign.”

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During a recent event held at the Driver Engagement Centre in Westlands, Bolt rewarded 138 drivers and riders as part of the ‘Drive for a Prize’ campaign. 

The rewards included Smart TVs, smartphones, shopping vouchers, and fuel vouchers.

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Country Manager, Linda Ndun’gu expressed Bolt’s recognition of the vital role drivers play in their success and emphasized that the Driver Reward Scheme reflects their commitment to celebrating and appreciating the hard work and exceptional service of their top-performing drivers and riders. 

She also highlighted the importance of addressing passenger safety concerns through education and incentives for positive driver behaviour, with the hope that the Reward Scheme will motivate drivers and contribute to positive change in the ride-hailing community.

Key features of the Driver Engagement Reward Scheme include:

  1. Monthly and Quarterly Rewards and Benefits: Drivers consistently demonstrating service excellence will be eligible for monthly and quarterly rewards, including fuel vouchers, phones, shopping vouchers, and home appliances.
  2. Community Building: Bolt will facilitate driver meetups and events, fostering a sense of community among drivers and providing opportunities for connection and shared experiences.

Ensuring the safety of all platform users remains a top priority for Bolt. Therefore, the company has introduced driver safety alerts to enhance the well-being of its driver community. 

“This feature provides in-app alerts to drivers with additional trip information, including areas considered unsafe due to reported safety incidents involving drivers and riders. These alerts allow drivers to decline optional trips without affecting their driver rating.”

Ms Ndung’u explained that these driver alerts respond to feedback from driver-partners and improve safety by providing more information to help drivers make informed decisions. 

“Advanced technology integrated into the app delivers real-time notifications and alerts regarding potentially unsafe areas, adding to the in-app safety toolkit designed to protect both riders and drivers.”

Bolt believes that these initiatives will not only elevate the overall service quality but also rebuild trust and confidence among its passengers. 

This underscores Bolt’s position as an industry leader, emphasizing its gratitude for the invaluable contributions of its drivers and its commitment to prioritizing safety as a fundamental aspect of its operations.

Bolt boasts a vast customer base of over 150 million users spread across more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa. Its versatile platform caters to various mobility needs with a diverse range of services. This includes ride-hailing for convenient transportation, Bolt Food, where the firm deliver delicious ready-made meals from a wide array of restaurants and finally, Bolt Business, its specialized corporate mobility service tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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