Getty Images and NVIDIA Partner to Launch Innovative Generative AI for Content Creation


Getty Images is reversing its ban on Artificial Intelligence (AI) art and is entering the AI image industry. 

The global leader in visual content and media distribution noted their unique generative AI tool has been trained on Getty’s image database and offers content with a royalty-free license to prevent copyright concerns.

Despite previous resistance to AI, Getty Images is finding its way into the market, even while using Stability AI for data scraping, according to reports. 

Competing photo services like Shutterstock and Adobe’s Stock are also adopting AI solutions.

Getty’s Generative AI tool utilizes NVIDIA’s Edify AI model, but it remains to be seen how it compares to the advanced DALL-E 3 model. Currently, it serves as Getty’s initial foray into the AI landscape.

In addition to this initiative, Getty is introducing a “contributor compensation model for AI licensing,” where creators will be compensated based on their image uploads and existing licensing earnings, according to Gizmodo.