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Spotify Unveils New AI Feature to Translate Podcasts in the Speaker’s Voice

Spotify has introduced an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered feature known as “Voice Translation for Podcasts.” 

This cutting-edge technology aims to break down language barriers by translating podcasts into multiple languages while retaining the original podcaster’s voice and style.

For over 15 years, Spotify has been a global platform that has enabled creators from diverse backgrounds to share their work with a worldwide audience. 

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This was made possible through technology that harnessed the power of audio to transcend geographical boundaries and linguistic differences. 

Now, with recent technological advancements, Spotify is taking a giant leap toward bridging the language gap in the podcasting world.

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“The Voice Translation for podcasts feature leverages the latest developments in voice generation technology, including OpenAI’s newly released innovation. It matches the unique speaking style of the original podcaster, delivering a listening experience that feels personal and authentic, far surpassing traditional dubbing methods. This means that a podcast originally recorded in English can now be accessible in other languages while preserving the speaker’s distinctive voice characteristics,” Spotify noted in a blog post.

As part of the pilot project, Spotify has collaborated closely with renowned podcasters such as Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, Lex Fridman, Bill Simmons, and Steven Bartlett to generate AI-powered voice translations in languages including Spanish, French and German. 

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This initiative encompasses a select number of catalogue episodes and upcoming releases, with plans to expand to other shows like Dax Shepard’s “eff won with DRS,” “The Rewatchables” from The Ringer and Trevor Noah’s upcoming original podcast.

Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization, Ziad Sultan expressed his enthusiasm for this innovation, stating, “By matching the creator’s voice, Voice Translation gives listeners around the world the power to discover and be inspired by new podcasters in a more authentic way than ever before. We believe that a thoughtful approach to AI can help build deeper connections between listeners and creators, a key component of Spotify’s mission to unlock the potential of human creativity.”

The voice-translated episodes from pilot creators will be available worldwide to both Premium and Free Spotify users. 

Initially, the translated episodes will be released in Spanish, with French and German translations rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Some of the featured podcasts include:

  • Lex Fridman Podcast – “Interview with Yuval Noah Harari”
  • Armchair Expert – “Kristen Bell, by the grace of god, returns”
  • The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett – “Interview with Dr. Mindy Pelz”

Users can access these episodes on the Now Playing View of supported episodes starting immediately.

 Additionally, Spotify has created a dedicated Voice Translations Hub, which will be continuously updated with more voice-translated episodes over the coming weeks and months.

“This introduction marks just the beginning of Spotify’s mission to empower creators to reach a broader global audience. Feedback from both creators and listeners during the pilot phase will play a crucial role in shaping future expansions and innovations.”

As Spotify’s podcast audience continues to grow, which currently exceeds 100 million regular listeners, the company remains committed to exploring new ways to break down storytelling barriers.

Stay tuned to Spotify for Podcasters for updates on further expansions, increased accessibility for creators, and additional supported languages in the future. 

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech.

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