Elimu Pi: Empowering African Innovation with Cutting-Edge PCB Technology


In a groundbreaking stride towards innovation, Elimu Pi Robotics has emerged as a beacon of technological advancement and learning in Kenya. 

Specializing in customized programmable printed circuit board (PCB) circuit boards, Elimu Pi is the brainchild of Paul Akwabi, a technology and innovation specialist and founder of TechKidz Africa.

In a remarkable move towards promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and empowering young minds in the world of robotics, Elimu Pi proudly announced the release of the “Elimu Pi Robotics Guide 1” booklet. 

This invaluable resource offers over 20 exciting projects that harness the power of Raspberry Pi Pico and the Elimu Pi Robotic circuit board, and what’s even better, it’s completely free.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of the Elimu Pi Robotics Guide 1 booklet, a free resource featuring over 20 projects utilizing the Raspberry Pi Pico and Elimu Pi Robotic circuit board. This marks a significant milestone for our dedicated resources development team. The Elimu Pi Robotics Guide 1 is available for anyone eager to enhance their knowledge and empower children, teenagers, and youths,” Mr Akwabi noted via LinkedIn.

Elimu Pi utilizes the Elimu Pi Pico and Pico W microcontrollers, providing an exceptional platform for robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) prototyping and innovation. 

This pioneering initiative is purpose-built for schools, universities, tech enthusiasts, learners, and their educators, enabling the creation of prototypes using Python or script programming.

According to the innovators, the Elimu Pi PCB, designed with a meticulous approach, offers a host of features that have the potential to revolutionize the tech landscape in Kenya and beyond:

Versatility: Elimu Pi’s adaptability allows for the development of scalable prototypes, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects.

Processing Power: Equipped with Elimu Pi microcontrollers, this PCB ensures swift execution and seamless operation, even in resource-intensive tasks.

Connectivity: Elimu Pi boasts a variety of sensors that enhance the user experience in project development, making it a robust tool for IoT innovations.

Small Form Factor: With its compact size, Elimu Pi is perfect for portable and space-efficient implementations.

Elegant Interface: The PCB design prioritizes port layout and user-friendliness, ensuring an elegant and easy-to-use experience.

Expandability: The Elimu Pi ecosystem includes a wide range of HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) and add-on boards, effectively expanding its functionality.

Projects utilizing Elimu Pi are as diverse as the imaginations of its users. Some notable applications as mentioned by the innovators include:

  • Weather Monitoring Station: Utilizing GPIO pins for interfacing with various sensors and modules.
  • Home Automation System: Acting as a central controller for all smart devices and sensors in your home.
  • Smart Agriculture Solutions: Handling data processing, analysis, and decision-making for agricultural applications.
  • Energy Monitoring and Control: Tailoring energy monitoring and control prototypes to specific requirements.
  • Smart Water Treatment: Logging water consumption data for historical analysis and water conservation.
  • Smart Parking System: Offering remote access capabilities for monitoring and management.
  • Air Quality Monitoring System: Leveraging add-on boards and HATs for features like particulate sensors and gas sensors.

Elimu Pi’s capability extends to embrace new technologies and interfaces, facilitating the integration of various sensors and equipment for customized projects.

The team behind Elimu Pi comprises a talented and diverse group of individuals, each contributing a unique skill set to enrich their projects and during the just concluded Pwani Innovation Week, they pitched about the startup to the congregation including industry leaders and tech enthusiasts, attending the tech extravaganza. 

“This collaborative synergy among the team members ensures that Elimu Pi projects not only perform flawlessly but also captivate with their visual appeal. From intricate inner workings to captivating exterior designs, this team is dedicated to creating projects that stand out for their exceptional performance and captivating user experiences.”

Moreover, Elimu Pi has established fruitful partnerships with several entities, including the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is “…excited to join hands with them.”

Their collaboration marks a new era in Kenyan robotics, fostering innovation and empowering enthusiasts, students, and professionals to explore and create with unmatched versatility.

Elimu Pi is not just a technological innovation; it’s a gateway to creativity, learning, and the promise of endless possibilities. With a commitment to igniting imaginations, driving technological advancement and fostering innovation, this initiative is poised to transform Kenya into a hub of robotics excellence.