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Google Abandons Passwords, Defaults to Passkeys

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Google has announced a major shift in its approach to online account security, in a significant move for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Passkeys are set to become the default option for personal Google Accounts, as the tech giant aims to simplify user sign-ins and enhance online security.

In a blog post authored by Senior Product Manager, Sriram Karra and Group Product Manager, Christiaan Brand, Google highlighted the success of passkeys since their initial rollout earlier this year.

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“Users have responded positively to the simplified and more secure authentication method, which utilizes biometrics or a PIN for access. Passkeys, Google claims, are not only 40% faster than traditional passwords but also benefit from advanced cryptographic techniques that make them even more secure,” Google noted.

As a part of this initiative, Google users will soon notice prompts encouraging them to create and use passkeys when signing into their accounts.

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Furthermore, the “Skip password when possible” option will be automatically toggled on in Google Account settings, streamlining the sign-in process.

However, Google acknowledges that transitioning to passkeys will take time, and some users may still prefer traditional passwords. To accommodate these preferences, individuals will have the option to continue using passwords and may opt out of passkeys by disabling the “Skip password when possible” setting.

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According to Google, one of the most immediate advantages of passkeys is their ability to alleviate the frustration of remembering complex passwords with numerous numbers and special characters. Additionally, passkeys are designed to be more resistant to phishing attempts, enhancing online security.

The expansion of passkeys doesn’t stop at Google. Since their initial launch earlier this year, the technology has seen growing adoption across the industry. Companies like Uber and eBay have integrated passkeys into their sign-in processes, offering users the choice to eliminate passwords when accessing their platforms.

WhatsApp is also set to introduce passkey compatibility soon, further broadening the adoption of this secure sign-in method.

Looking ahead, Google plans to continue expanding the use of passkeys across various online accounts. The long-term goal is to make traditional passwords a rarity and eventually obsolete, ushering in an era of passwordless security.

Google encourages users to stay updated on the progress and industry adoption of passkeys, emphasizing that their commitment to enhanced online security remains steadfast.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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