How to Get Your Spotify Streaming Cleared Out


You can arrange the music or podcasts you wish to listen to in order using Spotify’s handy queue feature. However, you can empty your Spotify queue if you’re not satisfied with the selection of content available right now.

By choosing the option, you can add music to your queue; the number of additions is unlimited. However, occasionally, you might wish to clear it to address Spotify playback troubles or because the incorrect tracks are queued up.

Fortunately, Spotify lets you quickly remove every song from the queue on a desktop or mobile device, or you can clear individual tracks.

Adding Songs to Your Queue

It’s simple to add music to your desktop or mobile listening queue by following these instructions.

  • Open Spotify on a PC, mobile device, or online.
  • To add a song, locate it and press the three dots that appear next to the track.
  • When the choice displays, choose Add to Queue.
  • At the bottom of the Spotify screen, a verification notification saying “Added to Queue” will show up.

How to Clear Your Spotify Queue on Desktop

The steps below will walk you through clearing the queue on the Spotify desktop or online app on your PC.

  • Open Spotify on your desktop.
  • In the lower right corner, next to the volume slider, select the Queue icon.
  • You’ll see a list of the songs and podcasts in your queue.
  • If you want to take out a certain song, just right-click on it and choose the menu item labeled “Remove from queue.”
  • Click the Clear queue button in the Next in Queue section if you wish to remove every item in the content queue.
  • When the verification notice shows, click the Yes button. Keep in mind that you cannot reverse the action and that you will have to recreate the queue.

Clear Your Spotify Queue on Mobile

The following instructions can be used to empty your Spotify queue on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device via the app if you’re not close to a computer.

  • Playback controls and album art will appear when a song or podcast begins to play.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, tap the Queue button.
  • Tap Remove in the lower left corner after selecting the music or songs you wish to remove.
  • In the Next in list area, hit Clear Queue to erase the whole list of songs and shows.

Tracks removed from your queue will be cleared from all devices connected to the same Spotify account, whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device.

Not to mention, when you open the Spotify queue, you can rearrange the tracks. Drag and drop the music into the desired order on your PC.

On a mobile device, hit the three horizontal lines next to a song and drag it to the desired location on the list to rearrange the music in your Spotify queue.

Clearing Your Spotify Queue

You might occasionally wish to delete your Spotify queue if you’ve configured it to play specific music or podcasts. Maybe you want to add new podcasts to the listening order or switch around the music genres.

Your favorite songs can be assembled into one-time playlists with ease by using the Spotify queue feature. If you would like to switch things up, though, you may empty your Spotify queue on a desktop or mobile device.