Bolt Food launches scheduled delivery service in Nairobi for customers to pre-order meals


Bolt Food, Kenya’s online delivery platform, has launched a new scheduled orders feature that allows customers to pre-order meals and place them, even when restaurants are fully booked, closed, or when couriers are in high demand.

The scheduled orders feature is designed to enhance the Bolt Food experience in several ways. It will assist restaurants in optimising their orders, boosting revenue, and efficiently managing kitchen preparation time.

Edgar Kitur, Country Manager, Bolt Food said: “Scheduled orders will enhance the overall Bolt Food app experience for restaurants, couriers, and customers, resulting in a smoother operation. The feature allows restaurants to optimise order management and kitchen preparation, couriers to increase their earnings by strategically planning deliveries throughout the day, and customers to enjoy their favourite restaurant meals through Bolt Food, all at their preferred time and location. Since we launched, there has been a 20% uptick in orders utilising this feature.”

With this ,the local community can enjoy their favourite restaurant meals at their convenience, regardless of when and where they want them. Furthermore, couriers will have the opportunity to maximise their earnings by coordinating deliveries throughout the day. Customers will benefit from a fixed delivery cost, which will be communicated to them at the time of scheduling their delivery.

To schedule an order from a restaurant, customers should follow these easy steps:Select your desired items for delivery, choose “Schedule Order” as the delivery option ,and then specify the preferred date and time for meal delivery.

In response to the increasing demands of customers and the growing need for restaurant deliveries, Bolt Food has also introduced 24/7 delivery services on weekends.

 The company has  collaborated with over 40 providers on the platform to ensure that Kenyans have access to more delivery options, particularly after midnight. The primary restaurant partners offering these services are Piri Piri Barbecue, Chowpaty, Pizza Hut and Evry.Day Mart.

Bolt Food continues to grow and expand its services across Kenya. Recently, it expanded its services in Mombasa City. This expansion solidifies the company’s commitment to offering affordable, safe and sustainable products and services to all its clients. The company  continues to work with couriers and restaurants to create job opportunities as well as expand reach to customers across the country.