Safaricom Redefines Home Connectivity with “Feels Good To Be Home” Initiative


Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in Kenya, has launched its groundbreaking Feels Good To Be Home initiative at Muimara Estate in Imara Daima, Nairobi County.

This initiative showcases cutting-edge fixed internet solutions and value additions to elevate the home experience for Kenyan residents under the Safaricom Home umbrella.

Connectivity Solutions for Every Home

Running under the hashtag #FeelsGoodToBeHome, the campaign encompasses all Safaricom’s home products and services, offering seamless connectivity solutions for every household in Kenya.

The focus is on delivering a powerful and consistent internet experience both at home and on the go.

Experiential Area for the Whole Family

The telco invites everyone to explore the essence of home at its experiential area, featuring interactive demos and immersive experiences.

The carefully curated space aims to evoke the warmth and joy of being home, making it a delightful family-friendly destination.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Connectivity

Safaricom’s strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in ensuring top-notch connectivity. The collaboration with Huawei brings affordable 4G routers at just Sh2,999, catering to non-fiber-ready areas.

For those looking toward the future, Nokia provides advanced 5G routers at Sh9,999, promising an unparalleled internet experience.

Home Security for Peace of Mind

The telco noted it understands the importance of secure internet and introduces state-of-the-art security cameras and doorbells from Spotted Anywhere, reinforcing the commitment to providing reliable and secure connectivity in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Revamped Family Share Plans

Safaricom has also introduced revamped Family Share plans, combining home fiber with mobile voice, data, and SMS in a single package.

Starting at just Sh800 on current Home Fibre plans, customers can enjoy 8GB, 400 minutes, and 1,000 SMS, with options going up to 27GB, 1,500 minutes, and 3,000 SMS.

“This innovative offering reflects Safaricom’s dedication to meeting diverse connectivity needs.”

Milestones Celebrated by Safaricom Leaders

Frank Ocharo, Fixed Data Tribe Lead at Safaricom, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Today marks yet another milestone in our efforts to connect Kenyan homes to fast and reliable internet. We are moving closer to realizing the dream of powering smart homes in Kenya.”

Martin Chere, Regional Business Lead at Safaricom, assured residents, saying, “We are bringing care closer to the residents. Our commitment remains to give you the best Safaricom experience possible.”

Fawzia Ali, Chief Consumer Business Officer at Safaricom, highlighted the advantages of the revamped Family Share plans, stating, “With Family Share, you can share these resources with up to 5 members of your household, making it an ideal family plan. You also get a discount when they purchase Family Share compared to buying Fibre and GSM separately, which is a plus in the current economic climate.”

Affordable Connectivity with Price Reductions

In a move to enable 4G and 5G Wi-Fi customers, Safaricom has slashed prices of routers, making 4G routers available at Sh2,999 (down from Sh6,999) and 5G routers at Sh9,999 (down from Sh24,999).

Additionally, Safaricom now offers SecureNet as a complimentary add-on to all Home Fibre Packages, providing an extra layer of protection for families’ online activities.

Safaricom has meticulously crafted these solutions to bring the #FeelsGoodToBeHome feeling to households across Kenya. The company stated that it remains committed to enhancing connectivity, security, and overall home experiences for its valued customers.