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Four Kenyan startups to participate in The African Startup Conference in Algeria

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The African Startup Conference in Algeria is set to witness the participation of four groundbreaking startups from Sote Hub from Mombasa Couty, each with a unique vision and mission. 

From December 5th to 7th, 2023, these startups will pitch their ideas and exhibit their products, competing at a regional level to showcase their innovations.

The four startups presenting at the conference are Athel Technology Limited, Ndai Africa, Ohospital3, and Kuza Freezer. The brains behind these ventures are Robert Nguma, Abedi Muange, Daniel Kimani and Dennis Onkangi, respectively. 

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The Sote Hub delegation is being led by the tech centre Director, David Ogiga and Head of Innovation, Keneth Njihia.

Expressing gratitude, the Sote Hub extended their thanks to Algeria Venture and the Algerian Government for providing this unique opportunity to the startups. 

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“Thanking the Algeria Venture and the Algerian Government for this unique opportunity to compete and showcase at a regional level,” the hub noted.   

The conference is expected to be a platform for these entrepreneurs to not only compete but also network and gain exposure at a regional level.

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Athel Technology Limited: Green Energy Solutions

Robert Nguma, the founder of Athel Technology Limited, shared insights into the company’s focus on green and efficient ways of conserving and generating energy. 

“The private company comprises a team of creative engineers dedicated to embracing technology. Among their products are the eco mpishi cooker, designed for environmentally friendly cooking, baking, and grilling.”

Ohospital3: Prioritizing Privacy in Healthcare

Daniel Kimani, founder of Ohospital3, emphasized the importance of privacy in healthcare. 

“Ohospital3 provides a platform that empowers users to stay connected, informed, and in control of their health records. The startup aims to facilitate seamless interactions between doctors and patients.”

Ndai Africa: Revolutionizing Fintech for Vehicle Financing

Abedi Muange, the mind behind Ndai Africa, described the startup as a revolutionary fintech company. 

“Ndai Africa specializes in providing affordable vehicle financing to mobility entrepreneurs and drivers across East and Central Africa.”

Kuza Freezer: Empowering Rural Youth and MSMEs

Dennis Onkangi, discussing the venture, stated, “Kuza Freezer represents a significant paradigm shift, tackling a crucial requirement in the fishing industry through the provision of cost-effective and environmentally sustainable cold storage solutions powered by solar energy. This inventive strategy not only tackles the obstacles encountered by small-scale enterprises but also aligns seamlessly with the overarching objective of advocating for sustainable and eco-conscious practices.”

Sote Hub’s Vision: Agriculture, Blue Economy, Climate Smart Solutions, and Digitization

Sote Hub noted that through its incubation and entrepreneurship support programs,”…has already worked with over 700 MSMEs, with a significant portion being women-led. The organization has provided agricultural business development services to over 17,400 smallholder farmers in cashew, passion, and mango sectors.”

The hub’s priority sectors for the next five years include Agriculture, Blue Economy, Climate Smart/Nature-based solutions, and Digitization.

Algeria Venture: Encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Algeria Venture, the host organization, expressed its commitment to encouraging startups and innovative projects that provide solutions to challenges faced by the country. 

Their program focuses on supporting passionate and innovative project bearers, fostering entrepreneurship, creating employment opportunities, promoting environmental protection, and integrating minorities into development processes.

As the African Startup Conference unfolds, the Sote Hub startups are poised to make a mark, contributing to the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape in Kenya and beyond.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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