Bolt Rewind Unveils Remarkable Transport and Delivery Trends in Kenya

bolt 2

Bolt, the global super-app celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has released its annual Bolt Rewind data, shedding light on unique transport and delivery trends in Kenya. With a vast user base exceeding 150 million across 45 countries, including Kenya, the report showcases fascinating insights into Bolt’s global and local operations.

Globally, Friday and Saturday evenings emerged as the most popular pick-up days for Bolt ride-hailing services, with a significant portion of customers being picked up from airports and train stations. The pet category witnessed a surge, with over 4.8 million journeys undertaken with furry companions. Fridays also stood out as the most popular day for food orders globally, with cheeseburgers topping the charts. Interestingly, bananas secured the title of the most preferred grocery item worldwide.

In Kenya, Bolt Food saw remarkable milestones, with the highest order of the year reaching a staggering KES 89,000. Notably, one customer placed over 500 individual Bolt Food orders, highlighting the app’s integral role in daily life. Despite the distance, the furthest food delivery in Kenya covered an impressive 98 km.

Country Manager of Bolt Kenya, Linda Ndungu, expressed gratitude to the 150 million-plus customers, emphasizing the collective effort to make cities more sustainable by opting for shared mobility options. She urged Kenyans to share their ideas via social media to contribute to the mission of creating people-friendly cities.

Echoing similar sentiments, Edgar Kitur, Bolt Food Country Manager, lauded the couriers’ commitment in surpassing expectations and setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As they bid farewell to 2023, both Ms Ndungu and Mr Kitur anticipate an even more dynamic year ahead, promising innovation, growth, and unparalleled service in the world of deliveries.