BlueInvest Africa launches Application for its 2024 edition


BlueInvest Africa ,an initiative for entrepreneurs and investors in blue economy has launched application for its second edition.

The call for projects targets companies established in Africa, officially registered, and already active in one or more sectors of the blue economy.

BlueInvest Africa 2024 is also reaching out to African small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) whose innovative ideas require support to flourish in African markets.

BlueInvest Africa is also committed to promoting equitable and sustainable development, ensuring food security, and enhancing resilience to climate change.

Initiated by the European Commission in 2022 , the objective of BlueInvest is to facilitate meetings between African entrepreneurs seeking financing and international investors scouting for opportunities, all centred around projects capable of propelling Africa’s blue economy forward.

The event will spotlight 30 “blue” projects to a panel of investors and stakeholders both physically present and online. The primary goal is to attract partners willing and equipped to foster the development of these projects.

Projects submitted to the BlueInvest Africa selection committee must be under development. They should fall within a blue economy sector and be set for deployment in one or more African countries. Additionally, they must incorporate sustainability objectives, covering production, implementation, and the life cycle of the project.

Each company will designate a representative or pitcher to present its project in a dynamic and persuasive manner. The event organizers will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of this representative, who will also benefit from coaching to ensure the quality, effectiveness, and appeal of their presentation. The best presentation will be honored with an award at the closing ceremony of the event.

Drawing inspiration from the past edition of BlueInvest Africa in the Seychelles, the project presentations will be attended by various investor categories: international, regional, and national financial institutions; public and private institutional investors; international, national, and regional organizations; as well as diverse collective entities like business platforms, incubators, and business angels.

Applications must be submitted online on the BlueInvest Africa website before 26 January 2024.