Cameroonian startup OnDjoss to expand into Central and West Africa


Cameroonian messaging app OnDjoss has announced plans to expand its offering following its successful initial uptake in the country.

Founded in March 2022 by a Cameroonian student, the messaging platform has numerous innovative features, including a payments feature that went live in August. OnDjoss is the African version of WhatsApp with the ability of sending large files ,it also has voice messages, group chats and calls.Currently the app has registered 300,000 downloads, and facilitated thousands of dollars of money transfers.

According to CEO and Co-founder Kenyo Valdo ,the app has received acclaim for its efficiency, security, and ease of use.He said,

now, we are eager to expand and dominate our local market. We also plan to integrate banks to our platform to widen the scope of transfers.”

TThe company aims to now expand its services into Central and West Africa and is seeking investment to fuel its growth. 

“The demand for easy and secure money transfer solutions is rapidly growing, and OnDjoss is poised to capture a significant market share with its innovative approach,” said Valdo.

“We are seeking EUR870,000 (US$950,000) in seed funding to support our growth efforts and developing more features. The funds will be allocated towards marketing, technology enhancements, and market penetration strategies.”