Gen F Empowers African Startups with $250k Boost and Hands-on Support


Gen F initiative is launching a $250,000 investment program to fuel your innovative ideas and propel them into reality.

This isn’t just about cash; it’s about a comprehensive 12-week sprint packed with expert guidance, resources, and the chance to make your dreams take flight.

What Gen F Offers:

  • Financial springboard: Bootstrap your ideas with seed funding of up to $250,000 upon successful pitching to our Investment Committee.
  • Expert mentorship: Dive into a Venture Design Studio where experienced venture builders will help you refine your concept, hone your business model, and navigate the startup journey.
  • Validation tools: Conduct real-world market experiments with a dedicated budget to test your ideas and gather valuable feedback.
  • Seamless launch: If your idea shines, gain access to studio services and support to launch your startup smoothly.
  • Holistic support: Get expert assistance in every area, from product development and UX/UI to data science and growth marketing.
  • Network advantage: Leverage on extensive network of distribution channels, customer acquisition opportunities, pilot programs, and valuable data resources.
  • Impactful focus: Ideas with significant commercial potential are prioritized alongside a strong positive impact on local African communities.

Who can join the Gen F journey?

  • Experienced startup veterans: You understand the challenges and know what it takes to build a successful venture.
  • Subject matter experts: You have a deep understanding of a specific problem and a passion to solve it through innovation.
  • Corporate trailblazers: You’re ready to transition from the corporate world to the world of entrepreneurship and fill a gap in the market.
  • Proven operators: You have a track record of success in African startups and are eager to take on a new challenge.
  • Visionary minds: You have a well-researched concept addressing a critical African challenge with a vast market potential.
  • Full-time dedication: You’re committed to dedicating 10-12 weeks to refining your idea and then going all-in on your startup.

Apply now! There’s no deadline, so don’t wait – seize the opportunity to join the Gen F community and turn your vision into reality.