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Medikea Secures Funding to Combat Climate-Driven Health Crises in Tanzania

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As climate change intensifies health challenges across Africa, Tanzanian healthcare startup, Medikea has secured crucial funding to tackle these growing concerns.

The Catalyst Fund, an impact investment firm focused on emerging markets, has invested in Medikea, recognizing its innovative approach to delivering affordable healthcare, particularly to vulnerable communities disproportionately affected by climate-induced health issues.

Founded in 2023 by Dr Elvis Silayo and Dr Desire Ruhinda, the firm operates a unique hybrid model combining 24/7 telemedicine with strategically located physical clinics.

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This blended approach aims to bridge the accessibility gap, offering essential and affordable primary care, diagnostics, and specialist referrals at nearly half the cost of alternative options.

“Climate change is exacerbating existing health challenges in Tanzania, with vulnerable communities bearing the brunt,” said Dr Silayo, CEO of Medikea. “This investment empowers us to expand our reach and deliver impactful healthcare solutions where they are needed most.”

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The funding will enable Medikea to:

  • Expand its clinic network: Currently operating in Dar es Salaam, Medikea plans to establish new clinics in underserved communities across Tanzania, focusing on areas most impacted by climate-related health problems.
  • Enhance telemedicine capabilities: Investments will improve the telemedicine platform, ensuring wider accessibility and better virtual consultations for patients in remote areas.
  • Develop climate-resilient healthcare solutions: Medikea will focus on building expertise and resources to address specific health issues arising from climate change, such as heat-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and malnutrition.

“Medikea’s innovative model and commitment to serving vulnerable communities make them a perfect fit for our investment strategy,” said Andelaine Ronz, Managing Director of the Catalyst Fund. “We believe their work has the potential to create a significant positive impact on the health and well-being of Tanzanians in the face of climate change.”

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Medikea has already served nearly 10,000 Tanzanians, providing crucial consultations, specialist referrals, and pharmacy connections.

This new funding injection is expected to significantly scale their operations and impact, offering a beacon of hope in the fight against climate-driven health threats in Tanzania.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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