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Bolt Announces Upcoming Launch of Entrip Insurance Package in Kenya

Bolt, the popular ride-hailing platform, is prioritizing rider and driver safety with the upcoming launch of its Entrip insurance package.

This initiative, announced by Bolt Kenya Country Manager Linda Ndung’u, aims to provide additional coverage in case of unforeseen incidents during rides.

Ms Ndung’u noted that the launch will take place late Q1 or early Q2 2024.

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The Entrip insurance package will cover both riders and drivers, as well as their passengers, in the event of accidents, lost packages, and other unfortunate situations. This comprehensive approach ensures peace of mind for all parties involved in Bolt rides.

The country manager emphasized Bolt’s commitment to safety, stating, “Safety is our priority and we will keep pulling out features that support this.”

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Other safety features within the app include:

Trip Safety Monitoring system. This technology automatically detects vehicle stagnation during trips, prompting both driver and rider with inquiries about their well-being. If needed, they can directly access emergency services, share trip details, record audio, or request Bolt assistance within the app.

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Another critical feature is the Driver Selfie Check. This mandatory verification process requires drivers to capture a real-time selfie before going online. This ensures driver identity matches their registered information, deterring impersonation and account sharing.

Collaboration with Kenyan authorities strengthens Bolt’s safety approach. Partnering with the Ministry of Transport and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Bolt recently held a driver engagement event in Nairobi. The event focused on road safety regulations, driver well-being, and responsible conduct.

Ms Ndung’u added, “These new features and partnerships demonstrate our commitment to creating a secure and transparent platform for both drivers and riders.”

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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