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Bolt Drivers in Kenya Demand Fair Compensation to Ensure Smooth Operations

Bolt drivers in Kenya want the ride hailing firm to tackle myriads pressing issues affecting the smoothness of their operations countrywide.

During the recent driver engagement event hosted by Bolt in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) at Sarova Stanley in Nairobi, several concerns were raised by the Bolt drivers regarding various aspects affecting their business.

The drivers expressed dissatisfaction with their earnings from the platform and emphasized the need for consultation regarding pricing decisions.

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They also urged the firm to ensure accuracy in pinned locations to facilitate hassle-free navigation and requested reimbursement for parking fees incurred during operations.

Concerns were also voiced regarding the quality of customer service provided by the platform and the drivers highlighted the need for fair compensation reflecting their efforts.

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“We are not making money, we just making Nairobi move. Since we are partners with Bolt, not employees, the firm should strive to listen to our pleas. For instance, the long certificate verification process that takes upto two weeks is hindering our smooth operations,” noted Margaret Kinyua, a bolt driver in Nairobi County.

Also, issues were raised regarding the existing rules and procedures for trip cancellations where the drivers demanded new laws to be formulated regarding the matter. In addition, safety concerns, including measures to ensure driver safety during trips, were discussed.

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“The SOS button in the app should be fully functional to ensure driver and passenger safety in case of emergencies.”

In addition to the general concerns, Bolt’s delivery riders advocated for a minimum cap of Sh200 on delivery charges to ensure reasonable earnings.

Both vertical and horizontal deliveries were addressed, with drivers seeking appropriate compensation for each. Drivers sought assurances regarding their protection in areas prone to police arrests, particularly in the CBD and certain estates.

A structured and efficient trip monitoring system was requested to streamline operations. Delivery drivers emphasized the importance of a user-friendly digital verification process to prevent arbitrary blocking from the platform.

In response to these concerns, Bolt Country manager, Linda Ndung’u responding to the matter pledged that the firm will provide regular training to ensure that drivers deliver high-quality services consistently.

The manager also admitted that the certificate verification process was flawed as the firm partnered with various organizations to ensure the drivers have the right licences,”and if their systems are experiencing problems, our hands are tied.”

Ms Ndung’u committed that the firm will review its pricing model to address driver concerns and ensure fair compensation.

Also, she reminded the drivers and riders to adhere to safety procedures within the app, such as taking selfies before trips, to enhance accountability and safety

“Drivers should comply with verification processes and platform guidelines to avoid being blocked from the ride-hailing platform.”

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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