Last year, Xiaomi made headlines with their near bezel-less phone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix. It had 3 sides that had zero bezels. They even had to forgo the earpiece as we know it and went for a technology that vibrated the top part of the phone to generate sounds during calls. The selfie camera was also removed and located to the bottom part, the only part with a bezel. This design helped them fit a 6.4 inch screen in the body dimensions of a 5.5 inch phone.

Xiaomi didn’t stop there, they made the phone to have a 4,000mAh battery and a ceramic back. In addition, for only a few extra dollars, you could get a version with 18 Karats gold camera ring on the back.

With such a premise, making a sequel would need to break quite a high standard. With the leak that just came up, it seems Xiaomi might have outdone themselves again. Meet the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

This successor is completely bezel-less, from all four sides; this is a first in the world. If the picture leaked turns out to be a true representation, this phone will not even have a place for the selfie camera, a convention one that is. If the company came up with a new earpiece technology on Mi Mix 1, who knows, maybe they have a new solution for selfies in the Mix 2.

The phone is powered by the latest and mightiest Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM with a whopping base storage of 128GB, there’s also a 6GB+128GB version and lastly a mega 6GB +256GB variant. The camera department will have a 19MP rear shooter and surprisingly a 13MP selfie camera is listed but not visible on the render. The same 6.4 inch screen size remains but this time it has been upgraded to AMOLED technology. To support such a big display, there will be an equally large battery, 4500mAh to be excact.

This phone has all the makings of a runaway success. It’s predessesor used to sell out in seconds, literally. It only took 10 seconds for its white variant to completely go out of stock. The black variant is still available, in Kenya, you can get it at No price was given for the Mix 2 but, an online retailer, has an “Arrival Notice” button to give you alert you once the device goes on sale.