Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Facebook Says Measures Taken By Apple on iOS Will Cost Its Business $10 Billion

Facebook yesterday reported $33.67 billion in revenue, and while higher than expected, earnings per share were shy of analyst expectations

Facebook Is Now Testing A Feature That Will Allow Some Users To Add Posts To A ‘Thread’

The new feature that is inspired by Twitter threads is said to be in the development stage, and the stable rollout may take some time.

Facebook Announces New Set Of Rules For Its Groups To Avoid Harmful Content

Facebook will take the groups down if it reportedly breaks the rules set by the platform. The company will also take action against the group members who repeatedly break rules on its platform.

Facebook Has Launched An App With Rap Music Tools Called BARS

Facebook has launched an app with rap music tools called BARS. Facebook's experimental NPE app development team has...

How To Setup Your Facebook Ads Manager

Unlike traditional advertising that involves high budget production and a creative team, advertising on Facebook allows anyone with a Facebook account to “pay to play.”

Things You’re Doing Wrong In Digital Marketing

There are so many people who call themselves digital marketers but are they really?

The new Facebook Viewpoints app will pay you for answering surveys

Facebook on Monday introduced "Viewpoints" in the US, an Android and iOS App that pays members of...

Most people think that online marketing is super easy and a thoughtless experience. However, people who have mastered...