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Most people think that online marketing is super easy and a thoughtless experience.

However, people who have mastered the art of promoting their business online understand that it is never easy. You don’t just wake up and decide to start an online business without a proper strategy. You also cannot just post a product and expect it to sell as soon as you post it. You have probably been posting your products or services online and getting little or no feedback. Try rethinking your strategy using the following steps.

1. You need to reach the right people

You need to reach people who are actually interested in your products, it doesn’t make sense reaching people who like fries yet you’re trying to sell healthy foods. The best way to understand your audience is through research and you get this information from Facebook’s audience insight. From the insight, you get to understand what else your audience likes, which job bracket they fall under and other things. In short, you are basically meant to be obsessed with what your audience is like as this will help you set your target audience wisely and better.

2. Tell a story

Everyone likes an exciting ad, have you noticed how quickly a boring ad becomes annoying and irritating? Stories are essential to capture the interest of your target customers. When you’re planning your Facebook campaigns, think about how you can create a narrative and tell stories within your ads in order to build a stronger connection with your target audience.

3. Monitor your ads

Don’t just post an ad and then leave it and wait for the fruits to yield. From the time you post an ad you can actually monitor the performance in real-time. Rethink your call-to-action and make sure it’s clear to your audience this will help with the clicks you will get, to have a better reach you could create a new ad set with updated creative If your reach is too low and try updating your audience targeting parameters

4. Measure your success

How do you measure the success of your ads? Are your ads successful because of the clicks? or because of the reach and engagement? See the image below, these are the things you need to be looking at when you advertise.  This will help you know where you need to improve and make any necessary adjustments.

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, understand that there’s a process that goes with it. Remember to be strategic, to plan, know your goal and understand your business purpose, you can never just post and go, post with a plan.

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