Friday, June 14, 2024
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Tag: Instant messaging

6 Nifty Tips And Tricks You Should Be Using On Instagram

While other people constantly grace us with their content but not every Instagrammer knows how to fully utilize the features that Instagram has to offer. Before claiming that Instagram is not resourceful or is boring,

Changes WhatsApp have made to revolutionize Instant Messaging {conclusion}

Picking up from where we paused on the "Changes WhatsApp have made to revolutionize Instant Messaging" article, this...

Delete For Everyone: Whatsapp to Allow Users Unsend Messages

You know that moment when you send a couple of messages to a contact, and that voice...

Interview with Emmanuel Alabi, co-founder of QBee Chat that’d “earn the attention of the world”

You don’t get to see such guts everyday of people hoping to overthrow Whatsapp as the most...