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Wazalendo Money Lending App Facing Heat Over Vulgar Responses To Negative Reviews

by Vanessa Waithera
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Wazalendo money lending app is facing heat over vulgar responses to negative reviews.

Money lending apps in Kenya are probably one of the most unprofessional apps in Kenya. When you borrow from them be ready to be harassed even days before your loan is due and their customer care is often the worst. It’s a good thing that play store has a place for reviews because people have been leaving their reviews on wazalendo app and they are mostly negative, but their responses are surprising.

Firstly, understand what wazalendo loan app is all about.

According to their bio, Wazalendo is a small scale micro financing company that’s been in business since April 29, 2016. (Essentially a Loan App). Their mission is to ‘ ignite prosperity’ rather than making huge profits. Basically they make it sound like they are the real deal, the only ones who can actually transform the economy, so they do sound quite tempting and safe.

The reviews below prove that the people running this app don’t have any knowledge in customer service.

You have to peruse through the reviews before you reach the rogue unprofessional ones and we can assure you that the positive reviews are all probably from their relatives.

Wazalendo loan lending app is basically an app and no matter how desperate you are we would advice you to borrow from a friend or sell something online. The loan interest is double what you borrowed. For instance, when you borrow KES 1000, you get KES 900 and pay KES 2,000

Below are some examples of their very unprofessional responses to the negative reviews:

If you double cross them they will leak your details online.

And the drama continues.

Such money lending apps need to be deleted, destroyed and the owners should be banned from creating anything else.

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