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India’s 16 Year Old CEO | World’s Youngest CEO In Tech?

sindhujaImpressed with her ability to make a 3-minute animation film within just 10 hours during a competition,, a software company, offered then 13-year-old Sindhuja Rajaraman a job of chief executive officer (CEO) of the firm, making her the youngest CEO in the world.

Now at the realm of ,, a software company based in Chennai India, Rajaraman is a class 11 student at the Velammal Matriculation School also in Chennai. She developed a passion for art and animation from her father a freelance caricaturist.

She tried her hand in animation while she was 11 years. In Class IX, she took part in an animation competition held by an NGO where she made a three-minute-long animation film within 10 hours, entering the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest animation film. A day later she got a call from a software firm which was opening an animation firm in Chennai asking her to be its CEO and she accepted the job instantly.

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There are over 10 employees, all older than her at the company. When asked if they obeyed her instructions, she said there was no obeying involved as they worked together as a team. She admits to having problems as a youngster when dealing with seniors. But in the professional world, there are no such problems, she said. She chairs meetings, attends conferences and meets clients like a regular company CEO though she does not sign any documents.

Okii Eli
Okii Eli
Okii Eli is the CEO and Co-Founder at Ecorest. Follow him on Twitter @nextstevejobs or read his posts here. He lives in Nairobi and loves entreprenuership and blogs about start-ups in Africa.

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