DRC gets assistance from Airtel Money



The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has accepted Airtel’s mobile money to make large-scale salary payments.

About 66,000 civil servants in the DRC received their salary of May this year through Airtel Money.

With the support from the DRC central Government and in partnership with the Congolese Association of Banks and local banks, more than 1,100 policemen received their salaries via Airtel Money in December 2012.

DRC remains one of the countries with inadequate banking facilities in Africa, but swift spread in mobile money sector has enabled the government to influence mobile money to increase financial inclusion for the underprivileged.

Mobile money G2P payments have the possibility to bring banking services to beneficiaries by ensuring that payments land in accounts which permit recipients to save and make dealings.

Airtel has been at the forefront of technological innovations. When it launched the Airtel Money services in DRC in March 2012, the telecommunications company introduced the concept of mobile banking in the Central African country. The mobile Money platform has been widely adopted by customers for the purchase of airtime, Person-2-Person cash transfers and utility bill Payments.