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Google Gets Nod For White Space Broadband Technology Across The US

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Google has been given the go ahead to assist in executing strategies in the United States to the vacant television broadcasting spectrum for broadband Internet access in remote areas where traditional cable hookups are expensive and difficult to provide.

They name the strategy, “TV white space,” For a long time the empty frequencies have been viewed as a possible channel to allocate broadband internet to users whose infrastructure is not updated.

Google has been seeking certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to become a certified database administrator for those segments of TV white spaces across the United States.

That final certification from the FCC has now occurred as Google’s database of white space has recently been accepted by the agency.

According to the FCC’s approval letter, the certification of Google as a database administrator means that Google will be able to provide information to service providers about which areas of the TV white band will be available for providing Internet use.

“This is an exciting step forward, With FCC certification, we can do more to help make spectrum available. We are ready to work with leaders in the wireless industry—those developing certified devices that can talk to a database—to help them gain access to TV White spaces spectrum to help bring new technologies and services to market,” wrote Norman.

In March, Google launched a trial white space project in South Africa, It involves 10 schools in the Cape Town area which will receive wireless broadband over a white space network. One advantage of using white space is that its low-frequency signals can travel longer distances than other broadcast signals

Google’s white spaces database is available for viewing on the Google Spectrum Database Web page.

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