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MicroStrategy Creates Mobile App Universe and Developer Academy

by Sam Wakoba
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MICROSTRATEGY MicroStrategy Inc, a worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms has announced the MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe and the MicroStrategy Mobile App Developer Academy in a move to aid customers in building compelling mobile apps.

The MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe will showcase numerous business app solutions available to customers, delivered directly by MicroStrategy Services or via its global technology partner network. An expansive ecosystem of MicroStrategy technology partners leverages the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform™ to build compelling business apps based on rich domain expertise across many industries and functions.

MicroStrategy technology partner, a New Zealand-based Six Degrees highlighted the financial budgeting, planning, and forecasting mobile app in MicroStrategy’s Mobile App Universe.

“The MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe is a perfect place for us to showcase the game changing apps we are building with the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform,” said Peter Hanley, Managing Director of Six Degrees. “The Six Degrees apps provide executives with the ability to bring their financial information to a meeting, to undertake ‘what if’ analyses during a business discussion, and to collaboratively amend forecasts—all from their mobile devices. This takes actionable insight to a whole new level.”

To view the MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe, visit: MicroStrategy technology partners who wish to learn more about the MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe, including how to submit app solutions for inclusion, please contact: [email protected].

The MicroStrategy Mobile App Developer Academy is a collection of educational videos, grouped in classes with corresponding certifications delivered in an iPad app that records the user’s completed courses and classes. The materials are built by the best MicroStrategy Mobile app developers in the world and arm potential MicroStrategy developers with the skills to build amazing business apps using MicroStrategy Mobile™. The videos and corresponding certifications are delivered by a new app, built and deployed by the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform.


“When fully leveraged, apps built on the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform can be revolutionary for businesses,” said Paul Zolfaghari, President, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “We feel strongly that the MicroStrategy Mobile App Developer Academy will give mobile developers the training they need to build business apps that enhance the way people work.”

MicroStrategy remains committed to helping organizations build apps that reshape how people work. MicroStrategy defines “Revolutionary Mobile Apps” as apps that are consequential in their ability to increase the velocity of decision-making, durable because they are embedded with insight that withstands the test of time, and compelling in being equal parts powerful, beautiful, and captivating.

Hugh Owen, Vice President of Mobile at MicroStrategy, will present the Mobile keynote that elaborates on these initiatives at MicroStrategy World 2013 in Barcelona. To watch the MicroStrategy World 2013 mobile keynote streamed live, visit:

To view a set of innovative companies who have built these revolutionary mobile apps powered by MicroStrategy Mobile, please visit:

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