CEO Weekends: PayPal Error Awards An Account With 92 Quadrillion US Dollars


paypal_logoOnline payments and money transfers firm, PayPal, made one of its account holder’s richer with an astounding USD 92quadrillion last week by mistake.

The account owner Chris Reynold a resident of Delaware County said that he initially thought it was a debt, until he realized they had credited his account.

The email he was sent by the company stated that his balance stood at $92,233,720,368,547,800, although when he went to check the figure on the website, it showed a more usual balance of zero.

That amount of money is roughly equivalent to 14 months worth of the entire planet’s Gross Domestic Productivity.

Reynolds has been a PayPal customer for about 10 years, using it mainly for eBay transactions.

A side note, this reveals that in some way, the PayPal account balance tables in their database has the ability to carry values greater than the planet’s annual GDP — which maybe an indication of how large the firm thinks its financial services will grow to in the future.