Tanzania Receives USD 54.3 million From South Korea’s Exim Bank For National ID Data Centres



Tanzanian government has now singed a credit agreement which is worth USD 54.3 million (TSH 86.880 billion) with South Korea’s Exim Bank which will aid in the construction of data centres for the National Identity system.

The country’s Finance minister William Mgimwa and Exim Bank’s chairman and President Yong Hwan Kim, yesterday signed the agreement in Dar es Salaam.

The minister said that the loan will be used to build the unit’s head offices, establish data centers as well as procure facilities for the national identity project.

 “Completion of the data centres for the project will enhance the government plan to execute its development strategies,” he said.

Mgimwa stressed that national identity cards were essential for the country’s development planning as they assist the government to gather important statistics related to population, income, immigration, safety and residence. He promised the Exim Bank that the loan given will be used to implement the project according to the agreement.

Now the total amount of money Tanzanian government owes Southern Korea at Sh582.400 billion, including the Sh86.880 billion soft loan signed, most of the money which has been injected are directed to development projects.

Yong Hwan Kim, in his speech, believed that the loan will assist in the completion of the projects and will give room for the Tanzanians who have attained the age of 18 to get an ID before the country’s election year, 2015.

He added that he was fascinated by the determination made by Tanzania to benefit from South Korean technology of e-government, smart card and finger printing.

Exim bank’s president also announced that the Export-Import of Korea has increased its loan agreement for the Economic Development Cooperation Fund from the current 20 per cent to 25 per cent soon.

Kim also noted that his government is ready to increase its support to Tanzania in areas of natural resources like the recently discovered gas among others which will help to enhance the Public and Private Partnership “PPP”.