SEACOM Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Series Of Community Initiatives Across Africa



SEACOM today celebrated its fourth anniversary by reaching out to communities across Africa.

Dubbed as SEACOM’s Foundation Day is about genuine partnership with the community and not just donating money.

SEACOM Mozambique provided a computer lab to the Orfanato de Boane orphanage.

SEACOM Mauritius gave the Mauritius SoS Children’s Village educational material, food, and hosting a fun day for the children under its care and a handover of plants to the 52 children from SoS Children’s Village. SEACOM Mauritius said it will adopt 5 trees in Valley De Ferney for 20 years.

SEACOM Tanzania is set to work with the School to develop a software solution for the hearing impaired while SEACOM Kenya visited S.C.R.E.A.M Africa Orphanage, Nairobi and Linkoni Aids Orphanage, Mombasa with educational material, online tutorials and dry food to each orphanage.

SEACOM South Africa hosted a career day at Tembisa and explained career identification and exploration process, with specific emphasis on learner career assessments.

SEACOM SA also launched The Beehive Youth Life Skills Mxit Portal, an initiative conceived by Tembisa High School learners as part of the SEACOM Solution Quest. The portal aims to bring valuable life skills support and mentoring to disadvantaged youths around South Africa over the next few months.