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Platco Digital To Provide New Content On Sourthern African screens

Samsung-Smart-Tv“We are excited about participating in the digital television space – there are vast opportunities to grow free television in Southern Africa and drive digital migration, and we believe satellite, DTT, mobile TV and other digital platforms can play an important role. It is mainly consumers who will benefit as they will have additional choice.”
So says Maxwell Nonge, Platco Digital Managing Director, ahead of the new free-to-view satellite TV operator.
Platco reveal that it has entered into partnerships with a range of companies including satellite providers, leading set-top-box (STB) distributors, major retailers and broadcasters.
Platco also aims to launch OpenView HD in October 2013 – a free-to-view, direct to home (DTH) satellite TV offering with approximately 15 channels.
The digital group has remained secretive on its new partners. But the JSE-listed electronics distributor, Ellies, on Tuesday (23 July), revealed itself as being involved in the new venture.

OpenView HD will carry licensed free TV channels locally and, ultimately, in the rest of Africa.
In any territory where it operates, Platco is to work with licensed broadcasters to provide viewers with access to channels licensed to operate in those territories.
“Platco Digital will therefore always be in compliance with national broadcasting laws and regulations,” the company said in a press statement.
Also revealed is that Platco’s South African DTH platform, OpenView HD, will not be engaging in any licensable activities on its own behalf as it merely provides technical platform services to licensed free-to-air broadcasters on the basis of their existing licences, it said.
“Viewers wishing to access the OpenView HD offering will need to purchase and install a satellite dish and set top box from retail outlets.”
Furthermore, other than these initial set-up costs, the offering will be free – making OpenView HD the first of its kind in South Africa.

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