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OnMobile And MTN Partner To Migrate RBT Services Globally

by Caroline Vutagwa
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India’s global leader in telecom values-added services, OnMobile Global Limited, proclaimed that it has succeeded a RBT partnership deal with MTN Group

OnMobile will now start providing RBT services for MTN subscribers for the next three months and will replace the whole service for the next two to two and a half years in selected regions.

Being the RBT pioneer, OnMobile Global was chosen over other companies as it has features which include search and discovery options, live stream content and storefronts. It has the most tested technology in RBT.

Sanjay Bhambri, Chief Commercial Officer, OnMobile Global, had this to say: “We are very thrilled about getting onboard with the MTN Group to migrate their RBT services across 22 countries. This partnership is very important to us, and is a major milestone in making us undisputed leaders in the RBT realm. We will also increase our global footprint by another 14 countries through this partnership.”

“OnMobile is very well known for their successful RBT deployments and managed services offerings. Their deployments globally have given amazing results to telecoms operators, and it is a classic case in point of their expertise and experience. The business model they pioneered a decade back, strong technology backing it up, experience in multiple geographies with complex network integration requirements and changing regulatory environments worked to their advantage during our selection process. However, their understanding of local markets and consumer requirements were game-changers that clinched our decision. We look forward to partnering with them successfully,” said Pieter C Verkade, MTN Group Chief Commercial Officer.

The consumer performance for RBT services has undergone a revolution over the last few years and subscriptions have increased notably.

With years of experience and global for more than ten years, the telecom limited will be af great influence as well as its best practices across the globe will the transition flawless switch for MTN’s 191 million subscriber base.

“As MTN‚ we are always trying to improve the quality of service for our customers. And through this deal with OnMobile‚ we hope to ensure that our customers never hear a boring ring tone again‚” added Verkade.


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