Why The Ubuntu Edge Campaign Raised Over $1 Million In 4 Hours & Smashed Indiegogo Campaign Records


Ubuntu Edge’s Indiegogo campaign for a a nextgen smartphone cum desktop computer has broken Indiegogo records after raising $135,483 in its first hour —smashing Indiegogo records.

Ubuntu beat Scanadu Scout — a medical tricorder that tracks vital signs which raised $1,370,462, last week breaking Matthew Inman’s year-long reign as Indiegogo’s top-funded campaign according to Indiegogo.

The Ubuntu Edge was receiving nearly 3.7 contributions per minute, hitting $1 million in about four hours said Indiegogo making it pass $2 million in 8 hours, $3 million in 12 hours and shit! A crazy $4 million in 45 hours. The Ubuntu Edge campaign has over $7 million raised.

 According to Indiegogo, the secrets of Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge are simple.

Ubuntu Linux software is an open source software build on the same tenets as Indiegogo’s crowdfunding philosophy — free and open sourced, transcends borders and languages. The Ubuntu Edge runs on the same fuel and is a gamechanger in the smartphone and PC market.

“Ubuntu” itself is a Bantu word from the South African Nguni and translates to “human kindness” and Ubuntu has not run away from the humanity principles of free for all, that’s why its campaign is raising funds like crazy.

The Ubuntu Edge is a low-volume, high-technology platform, crowdfunded by enthusiasts and mobile computing professionals. A pioneering project that accelerates the adoption of new technologies and drives them down into the mainstream says their campaign.

The superphone is built on the most advanced mobile technologies on the horizon, a showpiece for true mobile innovation and connects to any monitor and transforms into an Ubuntu PC, with a fully integrated desktop OS and shared access to all files meaning smartphone in one’s pocket can also be the brain of the PC on their desk.

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Read more about their campaign here.