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Amiran Kenya Introduces Juliani As Their First Poverty Eradication Ambassador

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Kenya’s agriculture firm and active leader in sustainable agribusiness, Amiran, has signed a deal with Julius Owino popularly known as Juliani, a Kenyan inspirational gospel artist to be the Amiran Poverty Eradication Ambassador.

Juliani is a well known rapper and Change-maker for his deep lyrics and mindset on issues of bringing change and development among the youth. He has also been involved in many campaigns.

The partnership between the two is to prove to Kenyans and especially to the youth that agribusiness offers a respectable, sustainable and ‘cool’ means of wealth creation and can be practiced even by someone with no prior knowledge or experience in this area, such as Juliani himself.

The introduction of Juliani, as their ambassador comes at time when unemployment, poverty and food insecurity have become a challenge in Kenya. With 21 percent national underemployment, 40 percent total unemployment and 70 percent unemployment among the youth.

In response to the newly acquired responsibility, Juliani said that the programme will come as a solution to the food situation pointing out that many people sleep hungry to survive in the city. He also said that the programme will be able to provide employment as well as improve the food situation in the country which will be a major boost for the country’s economy.

In the six months, Juliani will be trained by the Amiran Team on proper agricultural practices using the most modern technology and inputs available through Amiran to small and medium scale farmers in Kenya. As he practices farming at home, Juliani will travel across Kenya, bringing this important message to youth and to all Kenyans at all levels of society.

The idealistic artist, who has already completed training on the award winning Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK) will work hand in hand with the Amiran Team to energize Kenyans to be pro-active and to create their own wealth through agribusiness in a move to reduce extreme poverty and hunger.


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