CEO Weekends: European Fashion Brand Set To Launch In Africa



Top European men’s fashion brand, SuitSupply, is set to launch in Africa. The firm will run as, on the continent in September.

 The Amsterdam-based firm has  reported record-high sales following its expansion into the United States with stores popping out nation-wide in major cities, and is now set to take on Africa with the launch of its website as a Pan-African multi-channel roll-out.

“There is a growing interest and need for high-quality fashion in Africa. It’s a market that is as equally challenging as it is exciting for any player in the industry,” said Fokke de Jong, CEO and founder of the company. “The launching of will be our gateway to bringing our signature high-quality tailoring, impeccable style and revolutionary men’s fashion concept to Africa.”

SS_homepage_suits2After the website launch which is scheduled for mid-September, the company plans to get on  a store roll-out and is currently assessing South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya and Angola as their next retail locations.

The Suitsupply concept has over the years been very well accepted by many diverse markets, fueling the company in the rapid global expansion undertaken in the last years.

In the US, SuitSupply recently open stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia, Hamburg in Germany.The company also plans to open stores in Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Mexico City and a second New-York location within the next months.