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CEO Weekends: InfoTelesys Bringing Advanced Next-generation Education In South Africa

7Founded in 1997, InfoTelesys is set to bring Advanced next-generation education utilizing technology to deliver what teachers at most schools can not.  Get iT Ed provides advanced InfoTelesys computer technology to schools and educators at cost.
The firm’s advanced iT Set tablet computers cost between R1,000 and R3,000 for a world leading UnixiT iT Set, giving learners access to billions of free resources for education.
Learners with their own iT Set tablet computer have access to the hundreds of thousands of the world’s best free books, rich-media, videos and games that take education to the next level.
TechMoran caught up with the founders of the firm, and they told us the only crisis we have in education, is the simple fact that teachers and schools don’t “get it”.
Here is the rest of the story.

Who are the founders?
The principal Founder is Clive Boustred: Born in South Africa; Honors in Physics England; @ the heart of Silicon Valley California since 1989.
Many other leading experts have been involved, such as CIO’s from Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Goldman Sacs, etc.

What inspired them to launch it?

InfoTelesys’ Founder was fortunate to have grown up in the computer era from the days of punch-cards through the astonishing accelerated growth of Silicon Valley where he worked at the forefront of the top companies (See  InfoTelesys is a logic progression of that continued technological growth.

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Get iT Ed was going to follow behind profitable InfoTelesys divisions, however, following the outrageous assaults on the Founder by criminals in government in the US, the Founder was forced to study what is going on in politics and in general on and off this planet.  Education, he realized, is crucial in fixing the problems and in creating a bright future on the planet, and Get iT Ed was moved to the forefront of InfoTelesys’ projects.

Our forte at InfoTelesys is building massively-scalar systems to support billions of transactions.  We see a planet with six-billion plus learners.  Get iT Ed is however launching our education project in the Western Province in South Africa and has primarily been working with the most impoverished schools here.
If we succeed here we can succeed anywhere.  We have been working with the Western Cape Education Department where many of the administrators have iT Set’s which they purchased with their personal funds and the WCED also started their first limited tablet project at the Blue Downs Primary school about two years ago.  We also work with EduNova and the Amy Biehl Foundation education programs and a number of other schools.  Only about 700 units so far in the Cape though.  Our immediate goal is to get a school fully equipped so as to demonstrate the huge advantages we can bring learners.

How is business generally in South Africa, do you face any regulations?

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We are an international organization having established branches in the US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, England and South Africa.  One of our trademarks perhaps encapsulates the best answer to this question: “InfoTelesys, The Next Internet™”.  Business is Internet.  In regard to commerce, customs, resources, governments and taxation, we could write a paper on this subject alone.

We implement and utilize the worlds most advanced organizational structure developed out of the experiences of rapid growth Silicon Valley organizations.  In South Africa, we have a subordinate Section 21 Registered organization representing InfoTelesys’ Get iT Ed not-for-profit education division here.  Incidentally, our advanced organizational structure will be shared through another not-for-profit group implementing global solutions for governance, society, education, banking and courts, knowns as The Earth Plan.

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How much capital did you raise to start?

Many, many millions of dollars have been invested in the project.  Our Russian satellite division for example, consisted of over 1,000 individuals, however, following assaults from the US government, we were forced to put the Russian team on hold. InfoTelesys has been ahead of competitors who have burned a billion dollars.  Our organizational structure which leverages Silicon Vally concepts of ownership and stock options, has allowed us to grow the organization beyond the limitations of traditional investments.

Any direct competition in the country you operate in? How unique are you?

We hope to have many competitors in the educational field.  Education is what will change the world.  We do not know of any competing organizations that understand the important technological issues needed to succeed in this domain yet.
From an educational perspective, it is important to note that InfoTelesys provides the worlds most advanced technology for significantly less than half the price competitors like Apple and Samsung charge.  However, the huge difference is that while InfoTelesys has superior product, InfoTelesys does not lock their customers into proprietary designs and from a technology perspective, clearly knows how to do iT.

How much did you raise from the business so far? What are you doing with the cash?

InfoTelesys’ assets value is not disclosed, however, to put in perspective, the acquisition of Rostelesat involved more than ten billion dollars worth of ITU wireless spectrum alone.  The lawsuit InfoTelesys filed against the US Government amounted to 1.45 trillion dollars, which InfoTelesys won, however, the US Government is not a law abiding government, and whether InfoTelesys can ever recover damages is questionable.

In regard to Get iT Ed, however, we are passionate about getting education going.  We believe this is the only way we will solve the crisis the world faces as a consequence of out of control governments and the bankers who make money out of nothing.

InfoTelesys contributes around half the amount donated to any school against the retail cost of hardware.  Not only does the cash donated to schools Get iT Ed iT Set’s go directly to learners hardware, it effectively is multiplied by twoThe educational advantages however, provide multiplier factors many times that.  Furthermore, we are working on structure to eliminate the 14% VAT SARS charges schools.

How is delivery in the city where you are headquartered? Do you use your own delivery system or you have outsourced?

We outsource delivery, however, we manage delivery ourselves, utilizing multiple best of breed and most economical service providers.

Any plans to cover other regions and beyond, if you are not already doing that?

Absolutely, however, we are focusing on establishing our first successful schools in the Western Province amongst some of the most impoverished regions on the planet.  We have, for example, been approached by representatives of China’s largest educational group.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Criminals in the US government and the publics failure to demand their politicians, prosecutors and judges obey and follow the law. The underlying cause of this problem is the simple fact that the Central Banks are privately owned by criminal cartels who literally make US Dollars (and South African Rand), out of nothing.  Naturally, with the money they make out of nothing, they also own all the mainstream media and education.

Clearly computer illiterate adults are a significant challenge. Couple the fact that most of the senior decision makers in education are older, and thus unfortunately generally not computer literate, and we see generations of learners leaving school with the same incompetence since the administrators are not implementing technology at schools.

We cannot fail to observe how “uneducated” children have no problem using computers, however, “educated” adults from the very same families, are often completely incompetent when it comes to computers.  The dichotomy is so extraordinary, we are raising the question as to whether our existing education systems do not cause the problem.

What are your successes so far?

We have many successes, foremost has been our consistent leadership in the fields we operate.  Our latest press release mentioned above, provides a reference point in this regard.  There are many technologies and products we have, which we have not yet announced.

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