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CEO Weekends:Nigeria’s FrienditePlus Goes Mobile Launches On Android

by Sam Wakoba
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image(1)Emmanuel Emeka Okeke the founder of FrienditePlus has just revealed to TechMoran that their Android app is out.
According to Okeke the Android launch comes after overwhelming requests from members and added that research has proven that most people spend time on mobile devices than they do on laptops and tablets.
“We want our users to always be connected even while at the Go! In the sense that mobile devices is very moveable and more freely to use, mobile phones are everywhere now and most are very affordable,” he said.
 FrienditePlus, a social network aims to make socializing very easy and effortless. People can always be connected with their friends, families and loved ones.
The app has similar features to the web platform such as Home: here is pretty much where you see the whole icons
Profile : here one can upload their profile pictures, images,post status etc
Album: view pictures and upload pictures
Events: know what events your friends are planning or plan yours
Groups: create a group and have a group conversation with friends.
Videos: watch movies and upload videos
Live Chat: here one can see their friends that are online and instant chat with them.
After Android, Okeke says he will launch iOS and Blackberry apps before the month on August ends.

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