Kenya’s Scrobber Rebrands To & Launches B2B Equipment Hire Section

kuhire joKenya’s first hiring platform is launching a business to business hiring platform, just days after rebranding to as it races to build a community of renters in the region.
Kuhire said it was introducing its B2B system,tailored for business so as not to lock out firm’s that want to lease their equipment. Kuhire for business will be a section where a firm can have its own page or profile where it lists everything it wants to lease out.
However, before its B2B platform, the firm said it realized it needed a name change.
Brian Anyanzwa, co-founder and CEO Kuhire told TechMoran, “Change was inevitable as the previous name was more “corporate” . We wanted to build a community of renters and not a bureaucracy.”

Anyanzwa added, “ sounded more ‘serious’ and not close to the community of item renters we wanted, so we chose a Sheng (Nairobi Slang for rent it) name to make it more fun and friendly. Scrobber, the previous startup name is now the name of our entire company mainly for our corporate dealings while Kuhire is the online classifieds ad platform for individuals and now companies to hire out their stuff.”

Kuhire now has 1000+ and 800 verified listings compared to the 82 hire businesses listed on the platform and 100 inquiries per week as at July 5 during our first interview with the team.

Another Pivot the startup has made is that they expected car hires but amusingly people are looking mostly for wedding gowns and tuxedos (fashionable items.

Another big challenge is adequately meeting the demand from consumers.  “We are making a call to action for people to list stuff they dont use frequently to those who have a need for them. In turn they will earn an extra income. we shall continue to profile everyone on the system to ensure safe renting which is in line with our goal “a satisfied customer comes back with friends,” Anyanzwa said.