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CEO Weekends: MapSoft Introduces New Technology for Fleet and Fare Management in Kenya

by Vince Matinde
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Hand Held device

The transport industry in Kenya is awash with new technologies propping up including a new gadget that could help transport business men monitor their vehicles from the comfort of their home.

The company named MapSoft Technologies Limited, has come up with the Hand held Mobile Computing Solution that not only encompasses easy collection of fares but also helps in vehicle tracking among other integrated solutions.

According to the founders, the demand for the product is huge and they have managed to seal a two year deal with one of the biggest transport companies in Nairobi, MOA Compliant.

“Transport is key to growth of other sectors of economy hence the need to address bottlenecks suffocating the sector for rapid growth of other sectors of economy,” Patroba Mariga, a founding partner of MapSoft told TechMoran.

“Our immediate aim is to end fraud in public transport sector, restore sanity, eliminate industry predators and minimise accidents. It is worrying that the country loses 4000 lives annually and 15,000 fatalities due to accident caused by human errors. This translates to more than 10 lives daily!”

The company’s product separates itself from the other tracking and fleet management service by combining a whole host of services in one gadget.

“For us to attain the modern concept of ‘Smart Urban Mobility’, we must address other aspects equally. Of major concern is traffic congestion leading to traffic jams, security i.e hijacking and of recent acts of terrorism target the sector. We must also address the high rate of accidents. Data from police department shows that 80% of accident is as a result of human error,” Patroba said.

Lack of funding for their projects and the fact that they have to manufacture their products in India are some of the huddles the company hopes to jump over soon. The company has set its height in becoming the go-to place for transport companies in Kenya and the rest of the world.

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