CEO Weekends: Nigeria’s PC Game Titi Tilapia Goes Mobile | Doing Android Beta Testing


tititilapiaNigeria’s Titi Tilapia, an adventure PC game involving a little fish and an octopus is soon launching on Android.

Titi Tilapia for Android is available for Beta testing .

The firm announced, “We are pleased to announce that after much consideration we have decided to go with Open Beta Testing. We feel letting a lot more people test and give us feedback will help us produce a much better final product. We are providing the First Android Build to download, play and test. It’s an APK file. We have a lot more content now but haven’t created a new bud so do note that this build is over a month old.”

Founded by Idamiebi Ilamina-Eremie of Sonbim Games,  Titi Tilapia is an adventure game where the player, Titi, a little fish gets home and discovers her egg is missing. Apparaently Evil Okoro, an octopus plans to destroy all fish eggs so as no new fishes are born so that only octopuses reign forever. But Titi is not helpless and with the help of  friends like Tonye the Tortoise and Elder Chinedu), the Tilapia fights to save her eggs from Okoro the Octopus.

The startup firm say it has also fixed bugs and made some changes such as implementation of a pause menu,  increase in level difficulty is currently a bit steep and being worked on, creation of bubble particle system (following Titi as well as randomly in the water),  sound effects for when Titi gets hit, more levels(currently 10 done… 25 to b in full game) and invincibility and speed pickups.

Download the Android APK file here (65MB) and give then feedback.