Thursday, August 18, 2022
Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Kenya’s Wants To Be A Klout For Local Businesses-Sort Of

by Sam Wakoba
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Good_Better_Best_Fine_Too_by_TheModSquadEric Muli,  Albert Mwangi and Daniel Kimani have launched, an online, Yelp-like platform that brings together a collection of user ratings and reviews on places they visit, bars they club at or on various topics and categories plus Klout-like user ratings.

The categories on the  site include Nightlife, Restaurants, Venues, Public Figures, Sport,Music,Movies , T.V. Shows, Celebrities and Kenyan media personalities. There were a few bars and restaurants like Brew Bistro and Volar on the platform too, rated with Klout like scores up to 100 percent for the best ratings.

The founders expect the platform to help users, especially consumers to visit places, say hotels, bars and restaurants then review. The best the place or personality, the higher the score. The higher the score, the better the person, place or shop or bar or restaurant. Take of two star ratings to five ratings. They expect consumers in Kenya to use the platform to chose highly rated goods and services, or a  hotel with a higher score over others.

After signing up here using an email address, selected a user name and password and had access to Zabamba’s previous reviews. The listings and  reviews on the platform are as easy and fun  as the team expect. The beta platform allow user to rate companies, personalities among others and share their reviews and ratings of the products and services with their friends. The sharing is much more of a recommendation for reliable source of information for decision-making, especially when one wants to shop.

The three claim to have raised some seed investment to build the platform, and are set to introduce mobile apps in the market in the near future.They will charge monthly user fees and feature companies on the platform for more appearance to visitors. Advertising will also make them cash but their major aim is to make shopping convenient and transparent.

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