Digital Migration In Nigeria Could Earn The Country $2 Billion, Says Expert


digitaltvMigration to from analogue to digital broadcasting could earn Nigeria close to $2 billion from the sale of frequency in the spectrum which will have been freed up as a result of the transition.

This was said by Mr. Edward Amana, The Chairman, Fatora Consult Limited, while speaking at the the third anniversary of NTA/Startimes TV joint venture in Nigeria.

“The digital dividend (the spectrum gain after the transition) can be used for mobile broadband. This will enable broadband penetration into the rural areas, with its attendant benefits,” said Amana, “If properly managed, the sale of this leftover spectrum by auction should yield over $2 billion, over N308 billion.”

Amana also added that the migration will lead to creation of more channels of diverse programming, giving the viewer more choice, possibility of multi-lingual delivery of programmes and better quality pictures and sound, in the process indirectly creating thousands of job opportunities for the youth.

Nigeria has set January 1, 2015 as its internal migration deadline, only six months ahead of the International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) deadline of June 17, 2015.

According to The acting Director-General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Musa Maiyaki, the country has already digitalized 32 states, and expects to have completed the process by June 2014.